Siembra Valles  Suro Extra Añejo

Siembra Valles  Suro Extra Añejo

This limited edition Extra Añejo Tequila rests for 3½ years in American and French oak barrels made exclusively for Siembra Spirits. The sensuous combination of Blue Agave and 75 year old Missouri oak ensures the artistic merit of each sip. Celebrate with Siembra Valles  Suro Extra Añejo — a tribute to terroir.

Siembra Spirits  is proud to annouce a new addition to the Siembra Family...


Siembra Valles Ancestral is a project conceived of a love of history and a desire to know tequila from its roots. To celebrate tequilas true identity and to fulfill that undying curiosity of what our past tasted like, Siembra Valles Ancestral embraces abandoned ancestral methods, such as the use of earthen pit ovens, hand-maceration, fermentation with bagasse in oak and brick, distillation in pine and copper, and the use of naturally, bat-pollinated agave.

With agave untouched by machine, Siembra Valles Ancestral boasts the complexity of nature's flavors and the skills of our tequilero ancestry. We are proud to present you with a tequila that contains terroir from the past and a glance into our history. In an unprecedented collaboration of master mezcaleros and tequileros, the past is now present and the future will now be tradition.


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