Siembra Valles Añejo

Siembra Valles Añejo

Siembra Valles Añejo uses  proprietary oak barrels that have only been used to age Siembra Valles’ sister project, Siembra Azul. Siembra Spirits continues to impress with their aged program, as it continues to grow and develop through years of development. Aged for more than one year, our partners at Cascahuin are proud to share Siembra Valles Añejo with you. This outstanding añejo is a true representation of barrel artistry between the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco. 


Siembra Valles Añejo has a warm straw color, with a remarkable full bodied adhesion to the glass. Delicate scents of agave, nuts, toasted caramel, spices and vanilla greet  while ending with floral tones. Upon first sip, this añejo is sweet and easy arrange the bright corsage of fruits and spice assure the pleasant character of this expression.

Lot 1 Apr 22, 2018

Technical Information

  • Ranchos | 42% Mesa del Charco | 43% El Jaguey | 24% Mesa del Ocotillo

  • CRT Agave Registration Numbers

    67489 | 52529 | 67418

    Transport Passport Number

  • Planting: 2008 | Harvest: 2015

  • Brick Oven | 12 ton & 16 ton | 72 hrs

  • Milling

  • Brick covered with fiber glass | 2900L


  • Stainless Steel | 11500L

  • Yeast | SCE ec1118 with bagasse

  • Time | 48 hrs

  • M.D. | Salvador Rosales


  • 1st Distillation

    Stainless Steel with Copper Serpentine | 1,900L

  • 2nd Distillation

    Copper | 350L

  • Aged more than 1 year

  • Missouri, USA | Medium Toast | 200 L


Siembra Spirits  is proud to annouce a new addition to the Siembra Family...


Siembra Valles Ancestral is a project conceived of a love of history and a desire to know tequila from its roots. To celebrate tequilas true identity and to fulfill that undying curiosity of what our past tasted like, Siembra Valles Ancestral embraces abandoned ancestral methods, such as the use of earthen pit ovens, hand-maceration, fermentation with bagasse in oak and brick, distillation in pine and copper, and the use of naturally, bat-pollinated agave.

With agave untouched by machine, Siembra Valles Ancestral boasts the complexity of nature's flavors and the skills of our tequilero ancestry. We are proud to present you with a tequila that contains terroir from the past and a glance into our history. In an unprecedented collaboration of master mezcaleros and tequileros, the past is now present and the future will now be tradition.


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